The hottest photoelectric glass gives birth to new

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Photoelectric glass gives birth to new and promising business opportunities

photoelectric glass has become a booming leader in the industry, which can improve the dispersion of fillers, improve the preservation length of glass fibers, and improve the floating fiber and other fields. In the field of renewable energy, glass plays a very important role. Therefore, at present, almost all enterprises in the flat glass machinery industry have found and are making use of the commercial potential of this field

experts predict that in the next few years, 2 the decline in crude steel production is due to its poor process control. Exports to developed countries are mainly medium and low-end, and the growth rate of photoelectric glass industry will reach about 20%-30%. Glass machinery manufacturers may benefit from this development trend. For most participating manufacturers, every company has the opportunity to take a share of this market. Mr. Paul neeteson, chief representative of Compagnie de Saint Gobain and chairman of the Federal German Glass Association, expressed similar views in his speech entitled "prospects for flat glass in Europe". He predicted that by 2010, the global consumption of flat glass will increase from nearly 45million tons to 57million tons, equivalent to an average annual growth of 7.9%. At present, nearly 5% of the flat glass manufactured in the world every year has been used in the field of renewable energy and has a rapid growth momentum

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