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Bang attended the first virtual operator channel conference to help virtual operators innovate and transform. On April 20, the sample breakpoint was good. The first virtual operator channel conference hosted by blue cat mobile was successfully held in Shandong Qingdan Caixin to ask a number of industry insiders and coal. The theme of this conference is the symbiosis and sailing of hehe. More than 500 people from upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, including 27 virtual operator enterprises, more than 300 virtual business channel representatives and third-party service enterprises in the mobile resale industry, were invited to gather together to discuss the innovation mode of the mobile resale industry under the compliance management

as a provider of integrated solutions for enterprise communications, ShangBang attended the meeting and conducted in-depth communication and discussion with the guests on industry compliance, virtual business transformation and other issues. At present, the current situation of the entire virtual business industry, as shared by Xu Lidong, vice president of 263 group at the meeting, is faced with increasingly strict government regulation, sharply reduced code resources and IOT card regulation. Virtual operators must work together to transform channels

in this situation, enterprises pay more attention to code numbers, and the number of enterprises that actively prevent harassment and do quality inspection is increasing year by year. Bang is also actively promoting the more legal, compliant and healthy development of the industry, and based on its own number data processing ability, it has launched [aegis intelligent anti harassment service platform]

based on the user's willingness to answer registered on the anti harassment information service platform (do not call registration for short), aegis service classifies the data through exclusive algorithm filtering from the data dimensions of basic attributes, scene attributes and behavior attributes, realizes high-frequency interception of numbers, real-time level adjustment, and maintains real-time dynamic updates of data. By assisting enterprises to standardize outbound call periods and behaviors, Help enterprises regulate invalid outbound calls, reduce harassment, reduce operational risks, and improve work efficiency

at the same time, bang also launched an intelligent quality inspection service based on self-developed voice recognition and text analysis technology, which can realize full dimension. 3. Close the oil return valve quality inspection strategy, send for inspection when hanging up, quickly catch abnormal calls, deal with violations in time, effectively reduce the risk of complaints, and ensure the safety of line compliance

bang, as a plastic garbage collector specialized in capturing big data for communication, has been deeply involved in the industry for many years. Through its independently developed number search engine and special data processing technology, it has provided 1.3 billion + end users with unfamiliar number identification services, with an average daily data processing capacity of more than 5billion times. With its outstanding contributions in the field of communication, bang was successfully elected as a full-fledged member of the China Communications Standardization Association, And has won many awards and recognition from the Ministry of industry and information technology

in the next time, Bang will continue to enrich intelligent communication solutions, provide users and enterprises with more secure, reliable and efficient services, and will also continue to make efforts to help virtual operators achieve innovation and transformation

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