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Report on the use of "Phoenix shaped" high chromium balls in Chunchi group Xinfeng Cement Co., Ltd.

Chunchi group was founded in 1993, with 1805 employees, including 120 professional and technical personnel of all kinds, fixed assets of 140million yuan, and an annual output of 900000 tons of Chunchi brand cement. The clinker production line with an annual output of 300000 tons of rotary kiln branch is a high-tech enterprise with high scientific and technological content, new process and high degree of automation. It is the first high-tech enterprise in our province to adopt the anthracite process kiln decomposition technology project

the new 2500t/D production line of Chunchi group Xinfeng Cement Co., Ltd. in 2006 chose to use "Phoenix shaped" high chromium balls. Before that, our group has been using Abrasives produced by small factories. Due to the high crushing rate, large abrasion and easy deformation, which affect the hourly output, the current production efficiency is difficult to improve. With product comparison, we can distinguish the quality of each other. During the use of "Phoenix shaped" high chromium balls in our Xinfeng cement company, they have extremely low crushing rate, low wear, smooth appearance, accurate size, good power connection and after-sales service, which have been recognized by the company's leaders. And rely on the movement of the console to adjust the spacing to connect the control console end. After comparison and use, the leaders of the company decided to use "Phoenix shaped" high chromium balls for the new line with a daily output of 2500t, which was laid the foundation in July this year

"Fengxing" brand high chromium ball has been used in Xinfeng cement company and has been affirmed and favored by the group leaders

the new line of the group company includes cement mill ∮ 3.2 × Two sets of 13m, with the use of "Phoenix shaped" high chromium balls, the hourly output is increased by one step from 65t/h · cement at the design time, and the water holding capacity and mechanical strength are increased to 70 t/h · cement, with an increase of 5t per hour

the annual increase in total output is: 2 × 5 tons × 24 hours × 30 days × 12 months × 90% operation rate =77760 tons

in addition to costs and expenses, "Fengxing" brand products can increase the economic benefits of more than 700000 yuan for our new line every year, which does not include the economic benefits increased by using it in coal mills. In a word, the economic benefits of "Fengxing" brand products to Chunchi group are very significant

from now on, Chunchi group only recognizes "Phoenix shaped" products. "Phoenix shaped" products have won the trust of users with high-quality product quality and excellent after-sales service, and are worthy of being the most famous Chinese brand products in Asia. (end)

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