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Number is a powerful tool and business difference

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on February 8 (compiler/Lao Qin): forget - 2017 is likely to prove to be the number year. Intelligence is almost everywhere today. It has entered the workflow of enterprises. The promotion of byod from employees to enterprises has led to a more flexible way of communication and collaboration. Therefore, the 2-in-1 mask that absorbs harmful carbon dioxide and dust particles has become a digital string used not only for calling, but also an integral part of personal identification tools and today's enterprise communication system

due to the increasingly close relationship between numbers and identification, they provide additional value for enterprises. Numbers provide rich data about caller preferences and history so that calls can be routed correctly to the right person or location. In the era of Omni channel customer service, this type of information is crucial to make data processing more convenient, fast and accurate, especially when callers do not want to have to connect to the appropriate seats through the cumbersome IVR menu to meet their needs

numbers can also be tied to specific marketing and advertising campaigns, and then used to measure effectiveness from each medium and provide in-depth understanding of customer needs. As a key component of business operation, the number is also suitable for management practice, providing insight and indicators to ensure that the billing and supply process remains on track and operates as efficiently as possible

in addition to the valuable data and indicators they provide, numbers are essentially changing enterprise systems. As enterprises replace or upgrade their communication systems, they are rethinking the need to invest in traditional fixed. Traditional systems are meaningless in today's mobile era. In a geographically dispersed world, especially some employees will communicate remotely

from the perspective of cost, the system left over from yesterday is expensive and cumbersome, and it also needs to maintain services. Moving to a more flexible cloud or IP based one, let's take a look at the technical system we need to know before using the metallographic polishing machine, so that employees can use one code, whether it's cost-effective or flexible, not to mention the improvement of productivity and the results of collaboration

2017 is expected to be an exciting year with changes in technology, and changes in corporate communications will play an important role. The increased value of the number and the important data it provides indicate the transformation that has taken place in the management and overall communication space

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