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Phoenix media cloud computing center has obtained IDC and ISP licenses

on August 7, Phoenix media announced today that the company's Phoenix Cloud Computing Center passed the approval of Jiangsu Provincial Communications Administration and the Internet association at the end of July, and obtained two operating licenses of Internet Data Center (IDC) and Internet service provider (ISP), which indicates that the center has ranked among the top data centers in China, It has the top operation qualification of data center

Phoenix cloud computing center was founded in 2012, with a total area of 25000 square meters, 3100 standard racks, and the storage and computing capacity of 60000 servers. It is currently the highest level (five-star) Telecom cloud computing center in East China and the top three in China. The first phase was put into use in September 2013, welcoming the entry of Baidu, Youku, Dayuan Yintai and other well-known Internet companies. In 2014, the center cooperated with telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, education and other network operators to build the first BGP multi line machine room with the official license of the operator in Jiangsu Province. In the medium and short term, the center will focus on the big data disaster recovery storage business for large Internet enterprises and government financial institutions. In the future, it will seek a broader development space by developing a diversified cloud application platform. At present, the storage business cooperation agreement in hand by the cloud computing center is about 1billion yuan, and it is expected that the average annual revenue will reach about 300million yuan in the future, with huge growth space

the company said that the acquisition of the dual license marks that the company has the first large-scale data center in the publishing and media industry that operates independently and develops ball pulleys. It is best to ensure that the temperature of the engine room is high. It plays a very important role in supporting the deep resource mining of the company's education platform, the cloud support of the game industry, and the fragmented aggregation management of the cloud printing business, In the future, it will effectively promote the comprehensive upgrading of business in other sectors of the company, and accelerate the promotion of power frequency 50Hz; The overall digital transformation process of the company

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