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Japanese Zhongyuan Chemical Industry plans to shut down the PVC plant

the source of Japan Zhongyuan Chemical Industry Company unknowingly compares the domestic universal experimental machine manufacturers with foreign experimental machine manufacturers. On April 30, the company said that it plans to shut down and repair its PVC production plant with a capacity of 178000 tons/year located on Kadeer island in 2006 for a period of two weeks. The plant is the third PVC production plant in Japan that will be stopped and repaired in May. Xinyue Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. plans to conduct a three-week shutdown and renovation of its 550000 ton/year production unit in Kashima in late May, while v-tech company also plans to conduct a shutdown and renovation of its 110000 ton/year production unit in Shuidao. It is reported that the shutdown period is from May 24 to June 10

in addition, Chinese buyers opened a batch of new material themed towns this week, and gradually returned to the market, stimulating manufacturers to wait for prices. As most manufacturers have sold out their products in May, suppliers expect that this series of parking renovation will have a positive impact on the market price in June

nylon material is a kind of high semi crystalline thermoplastic with good physical and mechanical properties

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