The hottest Jarden plastic enters the Chinese mark

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Jarden plastics enters the Chinese market

ja is a precision instrument. Rden plastic solutions is the largest plastic tool injection molding company in the United States. Its headquarters is located in green, South Carolina, formerly known as unimark plastics. In July, the company successfully acquired hol MES Group Inc. for about 0.6 yuan each from Berkshire partners LLC. Holmes brings not only about US $700million (5.67 billion yuan) in annual sales, but also its production sites around the world, including a factory in Dongguan

Brad Davis, a spokesman for the company, said that in addition to supporting its tableware business, the Chinese factory will also provide local manufacturing to Jarden's customers who need to produce in the region. JPS is very optimistic about the market prospect of consumer goods and hr15t hardness testing medical products in Asia, and will focus on the production of products in these two fields

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