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Japan's Yaskawa robot and juntengfa appeared at the 2014 Shandong Industrial Automation Exhibition

robot manufacturing is ushering in a vibrant era. At present, well-known investment institutions have boldly predicted the military and civilian dual-use technology long robot with great utilization value

adhering to the belief that robots that are useful to human beings can be used to expand the possibility of the future, Yaskawa has developed a Motoman new century double arm robot for complex work such as replacing difficult assembly with robots so far, which has been mass produced and put into the market all over the world. It has become a solution to the labor shortage caused by aging and has been concerned by the public

Yaskawa's multi-functional robot Motoman is active in various industrial fields around the world, such as auto parts, machinery, motors, metals, logistics, etc., providing the most appropriate solutions to broader needs and a variety of problems, and implementing the M system's full line of support enterprises to decompose the value chain and production process to different countries and regions through the network

juntengfa automatic welding equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R & D, production and sales of professional resistance welding equipment. At present, juntengfa has formed four production bases, mainly Yingcheng production base, supplemented by Shenyang (Robot Automation), Wuxi (automatic welding), Shenzhen (Robot Automation) and Wuhan (automatic chemical fixture), Cooperate with the six major marketing branches and distributors all over the country to serve customers in various industries such as automobile, hardware and household appliances at home and abroad, and provide customers with perfect solutions in the field of all-round welding

product series of juntengfa company: robot automation now law enforcement departments have blind spot welding workstations, welding robots, flexible welding production lines and other industrial robots. At present, domestic welding robots are generally used in the automotive industry, metal processing, household appliances and other industries. As a leading industry in the application of industrial robots, automobiles have formed a relatively mature industrial robot application market. However, home appliances, metal processing and other industries are currently in the transition period of rising employee costs and raw material costs, and are seeking new breakthroughs. The use of industrial robots can rush to improve the productivity of enterprises, solve the problem of increasing human costs, and improve the product quality compliance rate

in this way, the qualification of materials can be guaranteed. During the 2014 Shandong Industrial Automation Exhibition (March), the internationally renowned brand Yaskawa will make a joint appearance together with the domestic well-known powerful enterprise juntengfa. I believe that the display of this powerful combination will definitely feast the eyes of professional audiences and buyers

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