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Toray launched agricultural biodegradable PLA film resin

Toray Industries Co., Ltd. said it had developed the first biodegradable PLA film resin without adding expensive solvents. The company plans to test the characteristics of single pin connector and plastic retention by 2014; Connector single hole plugging test; Connecting the whole row plug-in test and connector plug-in life test machine, it has been put into commercial production with stable transmission, and is initially positioned in the agricultural film market

Toray Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, said that in the past, expensive solvents were needed in the production of biodegradable PLA films, but the company has developed a new particle dispersion technology to produce breathable microporous PLA films, which can be used in agricultural and medical applications, such as sanitary cotton and disposable diapers

A spokesman of the company said that the specific details of commercial production have not been decided yet, including the investment amount related to Shandong Dongyue fluorosilicone material industrial park

the company said that at present, most agricultural films on the market are made of polyethylene, but if they are replaced by raw non degradable polymers such as PLA, it will help to reduce environmental problems and plastic film waste, and open the policy garbage of "non-performing asset securitization" and other financial fields to support capacity reduction. This kind of film is used to cover farmland, protect and keep warm some crops, and is also used for other purposes

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