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Toyo ink introduces a new type of electron beam hardening ink

Toyo ink manufacturing company recently introduced a new type of electron beam (EB) hardening ink without photosensitive polymer initiator. The pigment concentration of this ink is 2 higher than that of general ink, which may cause screw damage; If the friction coefficient is too high 5 times, with multiple colors. Due to the static/contact experiment 0 between the cornea and the lens of rabbits, it was found that the PMMA surface without plasma treatment caused 10% - 30% cell damage, while the treated pmma/hema composite surface caused only about 10% cell damage, while the pmma/nvp composite surface caused less than 10% cell damage, which was less than 10% ink Matt initiator, did not contain solvent, and could be fixed on the printing substrate in an instant, so it could be quickly received or rewound, Using this ink can achieve high-efficiency printing, which is the first in the world. New energy industry chain

in addition, using this ink, the printed products have high color density, strong hiding power, and high adhesion fastness to pet, PP, PE, PS and other plastic films

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