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Japan's 123million dollar touch screen glass line in Vietnam was put into operation in June.

Japan's nitrate Corporation (NSG) invested 1gb/t 5278 ⑴ 985 fastener cotter pin holes and wire holes in Vietnam A $2.3 billion production line will be put into operation in June, which will produce ultra-thin glass for smart screens. The production line is located in the factory of NSG Vietnam special glass Co., Ltd. in Bati Touton province. After the production line is put into operation, NSG Japan will devote itself to the research and development of 0. 5mm and thinner minus about 50million students (high school and University) in special glass. At the Vietnam Investment Corporation, the company will also introduce the production line of this technology at the renewable technology summit held on February 23. The purpose of this technology is to expand production capacity, reduce production costs, and aim at the rapidly developing markets in Southeast Asia and China

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