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After all, Japan has designed this structure for the first time in China. Yaskawa motor will be put into production in China. The Japanese economy said on December 12 that Yaskawa motor, a Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots and control and electromechanical equipment, will strengthen the equipment of Chinese factories and start producing large servo motors for spring forming machines in the spring of 2015. In China, with the increasing demand for automobiles and railways, Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. has insufficient spare capacity to export from Japan, so it decided to produce locally. We will take a complete range of products from small to large motors and short delivery time as our selling points to obtain strong demand from the Chinese market

the local legal person of Yaskawa electric Shenyang company will be responsible for the production of large servo motors. It is planned to produce the latest model-7 series with a rated output of kW with a system of 300 sets per month from April 2015. In the future, whether to increase production will be discussed according to the demand trend

in order to start production, new assembly equipment will be set up in the idle space accounting for about 30% of the whole Shenyang factory. It is planned to complete the relevant matters of strengthening the equipment in 2014. The investment amount is not disclosed

in China, the production of automobiles and railway vehicles is being steadily promoted. It is said that the demand for suspension springs used in the chassis of cars and railway vehicles is also growing rapidly. Therefore, under the guidance of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, Xiachuan electric intends to actively launch the most advanced -7 in the torsion test of Jinan gold testing copper wire in the Chinese market

-7 is smaller than its previous models, and can more accurately control the rotation and stop of the motor. The local manufacturer commented that it can improve the quality of the produced springs

Yaskawa electric currently produces large servo motors for China in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Due to the continuous depreciation of the yen, exports are conducive to improving performance, but the company said: due to the growing domestic demand in Japan, it has no spare power to export servo motors to China

Yaskawa electric plans to produce the latest model of small servo motors with an output power of less than 1 kW in Shenyang factory from this autumn. By building a local supply system that can supply small servo motors and large servo motors at the same time, we will widely obtain semiconductors. We have a demand for material manufacturing devices and large machinery with more than 3105 varieties and 1500 specifications, so as to expand sales

it is estimated that the total domestic and foreign production of servo motors of Yaskawa electric in 2014 will increase by 10% over the previous year, to about 1million units. The company plans to further increase production in 2015 by expanding sales channels in China and other measures

servo motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system, which can accurately control the angle and speed, etc. It is often used for machines that need to complete repeated high-speed movements at specified positions. In addition, it is also widely used in industrial robot arm parts and electronic parts manufacturing devices

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