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Japan Yukawa electric appliance shows thin film technology to achieve plastic metal appearance

Japan Yukawa electric appliance shows thin film technology to achieve plastic metal appearance

December 6, 2016

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the plastic business department of Yukawa electric appliance (Headquarters: Yokohama City) was at the "product manufacturing partner forum 2016" (host: Nikkei manufacturing, held at the intercity Hall of Pinchuan, Tokyo on November 24 and 25, 2016) The parts that are evaporated with metal on soft resin (NBR, nitrile rubber) and bent or sunken and deformed are displayed on the exhibition. Although the parts are made of resin, they create a high-end sense of metal style. Relevant technologies have been applied in cosmetics packaging. During manufacturing, pretreatment and special priming coating shall be carried out on NBR molded products, and then the evaporation process shall be carried out, and the coating shall be used for external decoration

in addition, Yuchuan Electric's polymer expert also exhibited samples of using hard resin to show car patterns on buttons and handles of electrical products (Figure 1). During manufacturing, concentric circular (car pattern) concave convex patterns with a height of about 0.05mm are formed on the surface of resin parts, and then completed through the processes of primer convenient detection, metal evaporation and finish paint. Originally, there was the possibility that the film was too thick and the car lines were sealed. This time, through the development of the technology of thinning the film, the same performance level as the metal was achieved

in addition, Yuchuan electric appliance also introduced that the maximum limit stress it can bear becomes the physical creep limit, and the technology of manufacturing soft resin parts by using film and cloth for embedded molding (Fig. 2). It's just that the film is simply embedded and shaped to form aggregated folds, which often fails to achieve good results. Therefore, the company has developed the technology of using film as lining and resin for one-time molding and embedding into 84 waterproof coating

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