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JBU Bluetooth headset needs to measure the experimental temperature, friction force, and calculate the friction coefficient headset wireless stereo headset light blue friend evaluation

JBU (source: Chinese home appliances) Bluetooth headset wireless stereo headset light blue

from October 1 to 5, there is a headphone cable out of the warehouse, which can be used for wired listening or wireless listening, dual-mode selection, specific performance is good, Please refer to the following user evaluation introduction:

a friend who bought this earphone in Dongshang commented as follows:

1. It's good. It feels good on the tall side. I like it very much. I can't put it down. Silver is very good. Da Ai will continue to pay attention to it in the future.

2. The sound quality is very good, there is no noise, and the size is just to achieve a higher level. 1. Name: microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine is suitable for short cycle and higher output, It's better to wrap your ears

3. It's not bad, but the price of 169 is a little too high. I hope the merchants' promotion is popular.

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