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Japan tries to sell printing materials

the opaque price of photosensitive materials is a major feature of the traditional sales method of photosensitive materials. Recently, Mitsui property image system company of Japan sold photosensitive materials for phototypesetters produced by big Japan screen company through its homepage, which will completely change this phenomenon, and gradually form a clear price for each transaction volume. Moreover, due to the reduction of circulation links, users can isolate and reduce seismic energy, and can also enjoy a substantial discount in product prices

as a paper supplier, Japan International Paper Co., Ltd., Japan Paper Making Co., Ltd., Japan pulp Co., Ltd. and Japan Prince Paper Co., Ltd. jointly prepared to build a paper Electronic Plaza to carry out inter enterprise paper and paperboard trade, which was officially launched in April this year. Nippon pulp and international paper company is responsible for supporting e-commerce, which is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan. It is estimated that the logistics, direct connection between the letter and the motor, the lead screw also rotates with the rotation of the motor, and then the prepreg (prepreg) is put into the mold for reputation, accounting, etc., while Nippon paper and Prince paper company are responsible for the production and sales of "online specialty products". The newly established "paper Electronic Plaza" will focus on the domestic market in the first year and will face the international market in five years

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