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How can enterprises effectively manage suppliers?

in the current economic development, more and more enterprises choose outsourcing products. The most famous example is Dell. The manufacturers doing business with Dell are all the best manufacturers, such as minimally invasive, quanta computer, Renbao computer, Delta Electronics, and Guangbao Electronics. Dell Computer attaches great importance to partnership, and will not carry out whichever side is cheap. Dell attaches great importance to partnership, and because of this, it is a win-win relationship with partners. Although Dell's requirements are very strict, it will not be strict. Today, Dell's one-day turnover is $65million. Dell can't develop today without the assistance of suppliers

so choosing a good supplier is very important for an outsourcing enterprise, especially those small and medium-sized enterprises. How to operate

1. How to choose suppliers -- choose the suppliers you need

for enterprises, the larger the suppliers are, the better the technology is the most advanced in the world. If your quantity is small in all aspects, how do you manage your large suppliers

a. principle of matching each other: the scale and level of suppliers are equivalent to that of buyers

this is very necessary. If your product volume only accounts for a few of their volume, there will be some problems in the price, supply and delivery of your product

for example, my previous company found a supplier, which specializes in supplying Samsung and XI2 with high friction and short service life. The volume of these two companies accounts for more than 95% of their output, but I think such supplier management is a problem; Later, I found a small company. They had all kinds of machines, but there were no orders. After some training, they became the most cooperative supplier with our company

b. number of suppliers:

for major suppliers (relative to customers), the number of suppliers of similar materials should be more than 2, so as to ensure stable supply. Suppliers can be divided into primary and secondary, so that you can reduce management costs, better management and more effective management every year

in the work, there will be suppliers who stop supplying goods for various reasons. At this time, if you are looking for suppliers temporarily, you must be in no hurry


after selecting suppliers and reviewing the results, when signing the purchase contract, we must sign the quality contract

quality contract is mainly to prevent suppliers from more effective control in the daily management process

the quality contract generally has the following terms:

a. the shipment of each batch of shipment includes:

the report must be true, and the relevant data must be complete (including material certificates and other material certificates)

b. for the situation of non-performing orders:

in order to understand whether the supplier's quality abnormal conditions have been improved, an abnormal contact sheet will be issued to all suppliers for abnormalities, and the abnormal improvement report must be replied within one week, Those who cannot reply will be punished accordingly

c. monthly assessment for suppliers:

assess all suppliers to let them know the quality of incoming materials in January. It will be reported at the monthly supplier quality meeting. How much ppm does the supplier feed? If the supplier fails to meet the quality target every month, the supplier shall review and improve it

d. monthly quality meeting of suppliers:

in order to strengthen the quality management of suppliers, a supplier quality meeting is held on the * day of each month. The meeting personnel are the quality decision-makers of each manufacturer (in case of special circumstances, they can be replaced by personnel above engineer, but they must be contacted in advance). Those who do not participate will be punished accordingly

e. deduction matters (written according to my previous experience, everyone can make changes according to the company)

1): in order to understand the bad situation of each manufacturer, our company will issue an abnormal contact list, which must be replied within the specified time (within a week). If the time of weak links is exceeded, our company will impose a fine ranging from yuan (in special cases, we must attach evidence to explain to our company)

2): for the relevant statements required by our company from all manufacturers, all manufacturers must attach them when sending materials, and there must be no copies or faxes. Our company will pay a fine of 100 yuan each time for missing, failing to bring or lacking the authenticity of the statement (if the time is urgent, we must submit it to our SQE in advance, and we can accept the fax made up by the manufacturer later, but it must be made up within 8 hours)

3): our company will track the abnormal phenomenon of the manufacturer. If the same abnormal phenomenon occurs three or more times in a row, our company will deduct yuan according to its failure to improve; In addition, the reworked products cannot be abnormal again. If the second time occurs or the reworked products are defective in other places, the manufacturer will deduct RMB if it is not found by our company (we will be informed of the relevant evidence for special reasons)

4): our company will require suppliers to come to our company for review in case of abnormal quality, so as to avoid the same problem in the future. It is required that they must arrive at the time as stated by our company. If the notice is privately hung up in the middle, our company will be punished with yuan for its failure to cooperate (notice in advance is required under special circumstances). If our company reviews in the future after notification, we will deduct 500 yuan each time

5): our company holds a supplier quality meeting on the fifth day of each month. If you don't attend, our company will punish you in yuan for your failure to cooperate (notice in advance is required under special circumstances)

6): if our company causes major customer complaints or is deducted due to the quality problems of the manufacturer, our company will charge all expenses to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer must accept unconditionally. If the product needs to be reworked, the manufacturer must send someone to our company or our client for rework (arrive on time)

7): if the manufacturer's products are abnormal and the defective products selected from rework are confirmed, the manufacturer must return the defective products to rework on time and unconditionally without our reason; If the reworked products are delivered within the time specified by our company, if they cannot be fulfilled, our company will deduct a fine of yuan

8): when the supplier's incoming materials are defective, resulting in more than 5% of our engineering defects, our quality assurance personnel will report> for deduction, and the manufacturer needs to accept unconditionally

the supplier's "quality contract" must be signed by the supplier's quality decision-maker for confirmation. 8. If the machine is turned on normally, it will be displayed

2. For the daily management of suppliers

it is a very important link for the daily management of suppliers

a. after selecting normal mass production, suppliers can generally conduct audit together with quality, procurement, logistics, etc. according to the primary and secondary requirements of suppliers every year, or they can conduct audit alone/with new product import. The time of audit depends on the situation of each company

suppliers that fail to pass the audit can be audited again after improvement. Generally, the company will replace the oil suction filter and filter element regularly. The company will stipulate that if the continuous plan fails, the suppliers will be removed

B . Every month, suppliers are assessed. If suppliers fail to pass the continuous assessment, targeted audits should be carried out on suppliers. The monthly assessment of suppliers is generally divided into:

1) the scoring standard of the qualified rate of batch incoming inspection

2) the scoring standard of the timely delivery rate

3) the timeliness and effect of quality improvement

4) the service attitude

5) the timeliness and rationality of document reply

C. use the Internet to manage suppliers

with the development of networks, many large enterprises, especially multinational enterprises, are now in the automotive industry, It is quite popular among multinational enterprises in the electrical industry - using the supplier management platform to control suppliers, you can monitor all links of suppliers through the network management platform, so as to achieve true and reliable data; It also achieves paperless operation and saves costs

in fact, supplier management is a big subject, how to effectively analyze and learn; It is the primary issue that our managers consider. It is believed that in the near future, with the efforts of our management personnel, China's supplier management will certainly reach a higher level. (end)

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