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Enterprise customer cloud: How CRM can help enterprises realize customer value-added

with the Internet entering the mobile era, enterprises' demand for it systems is increasingly personalized, from basic information electronization and process automation to data-based marketing, management and decision-making. Mining and maintaining customers to realize customer value-added has become a new topic for customer relationship management manufacturers in the Internet era. The solution is basically the same, and the master fight is only between drops. So what should a CRM system that can actually help customers do? An enterprise management software called enterprise customer cloud may give us some enlightenment

data orientation makes customer maintenance clear at a glance

a customer's follow-up in the enterprise customer relationship management system can be divided into four stages: potential customers, upsell, incremental sales and customer retention. Different stages constitute different patterns and categories. By recording the follow-up of customers in different stages through customer relationship management, amplification, filtering and other processing can be carried out, and the continuous improvement of the previous follow-up mode can be output, so as to expand the profits obtained by the enterprise on a single customer

the emergence of customer relationship management system is the result of the development of market and technology. It is a new management mechanism aimed at improving the relationship between enterprises and customers and realizing the tightening movement of springs. It is implemented in the fields related to customers such as marketing, sales, service and technical support of enterprises. CRM of enterprise customer cloud based on cloud computing technology is a marketing management, sales management and complete customer life cycle management tool tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises based on the Internet mode. Using CRM of enterprise customer cloud can effectively check the current state of customers, and the length of time in this state: for example, the sales funnel function of the customer relationship management system of enterprise customer cloud can intuitively reflect in the form of charts which stage of the customer's life cycle and which stage of the customer's strength is 200 times higher than that of steel; How many households are there at room temperature; It is clear at a glance which customers have high value and potential and need to be maintained, which customers are about to lose and need to be maintained as soon as possible, what work the enterprise salesperson has done, how the customers react, etc., so as to grasp the customers' ideas and extend the customer life cycle

detail orientation helps salespeople establish good business habits

we know that the situation of each customer is different, even among enterprises in the same industry. Through CRM, existing customers can be classified, not only accurately know their names, but also understand their age, structure, composition, stability and other information, and clearly grasp each customer's needs and purchase history

for example, the built-in CRM system of enterprise customer cloud can enable salespeople to fully grasp the needs of customers without missing the deep care for any customer. For example: regular visits, holiday birthday greetings, arranging resource sharing and exchange of needed and needed goods between customers, recommending new functions according to customer needs, and making it easy for every salesperson to record the complaints or dissatisfaction he learned during each conversation with customers. ". Using the customer relationship management system of enterprise customer cloud can not only help enterprises sort out customer information, but also help enterprises care for customers, think what customers think, make customers feel valued, and free employees from the complicated procedures of understanding customer needs, so as to improve work efficiency

customer relationship management is not just empty talk. If you want to do a good job in customer relationship management, you should not only rely on an excellent customer relationship management system, but also require enterprises to formulate and revise relevant business processes and guidelines according to the customer relationship management system. The built-in CRM system of enterprise customer cloud can not only meet the needs of enterprises in large aspects, but also guide enterprises to maintain advanced customer relations from the perspective of details, and finally realize the effective value-added of customers

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