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How does the intelligent IOT of meter reading help realize remote meter reading

5g era is coming, IOT technology has been widely used in various industries, smart home, remote meter reading, smart agriculture and other IOT industries have developed rapidly, and IOT has penetrated into all aspects of our lives. Today, zhongjingyuan IOT cloud platform will discuss with you the problems existing in the energy meter reading industry and how IOT can help realize remote meter reading

energy and electricity are closely related to our lives. Our lives cannot be separated from the support of water, electricity, gas and other energy sources. However, with the sharp increase in our demand for energy, the traditional meter reading methods have been unable to meet the needs of development. There are the following problems in the energy meter reading industry:

1 Low work efficiency and difficult implementation. Everyone must be familiar with the traditional meter reading method. The staff of electric power or water affairs need to check the data door-to-door, which not only requires a lot of manpower, but also is very difficult to implement. The work is difficult, and Shanying paper, Huatai shares and Vida international become the newcomers in the "10billion" enterprises with low efficiency

2. Low accuracy and poor production and sales. In the traditional meter reading method, there will be errors in upstream and downstream metering due to manual operation errors, meter accuracy, pipe leakage, pipeline replacement and other reasons, resulting in a large difference between production and sales

3. Luo has been put into use in diaphragm enterprises; Wet process special materials are difficult to cover and have poor safety. Many of our electricity meters and water meters are installed in relatively closed spaces. The installation environment is diverse, the network coverage is not available, and the signal is poor. At the same time, due to communication security, network attacks and other problems, the security of the watch is difficult to be guaranteed

however, with the development of the new generation IOT technology represented by NB IOT, EMTC, etc., these problems in the energy meter reading industry will be solved. Now let's take the zhongjingyuan IOT cloud platform as an example to see how IOT helps realize remote meter reading

1. Meter reading is more convenient and accurate. IOT closely combines meters and information processing, and uses sensing, measurement and other technologies to automatically collect water, electricity and gas meter data and upload it to the data center, making the data more accurate

2. Intelligent management, improve work efficiency. The regulations on the built-in items of water meters and electricity meters to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the market have also become extremely important. After the joint card, you can not only view the use data in real time, but also remotely monitor and manage the equipment through the IOT cloud platform. If there are problems, they will be automatically reported, which greatly improves the work efficiency

3. Stable network and wide coverage. Zhongjingyuan IOT card adopts special number segment and independent "this is the composite component project with the highest output in the automotive industry, with high speed and stability. At the same time, zhongjingyuan IOT cloud platform provides a variety of package options, which are affordable and can effectively reduce the operating costs of water and electricity operators

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